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Our experience works for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions


We have experience in creating thousands of winning product listings. The secret is to research the keywords that your exact competitors are ranking for, then use those keywords in your listings. The keywords used more often by buyers would appear in the title, and those used less often in the bullets and back-end keywords.


There is no benefit to repeat keywords, so we instead use our keyword data (we have keyword data for over 15 million keywords) to see what other keywords buyers use to search for your product. The idea is that every keyword used by buyers must appear once in your listing.


Yes - this can be frustrating. The reality is that the listing itself “belongs” to Amazon. As the seller, you have an influence over what the listing can say, but typically you need to have Seller Central approve your changes. We can help guide you in this process. If you have Brand Registry, then changes you make are usually approved instantly.


We employ experienced Amazon managers who are in charge of our PageOne launches. These managers will be the ones optimizing your listing for you. They have first-hand experience in making listings sell better.


In our experience, a well-researched listing with the correct keywords does not need to be updated often. We do recommend reviewing every 6 months. However, if your listing is not well-optimized, the sooner you can change the listing, the better.